The first demonstrations

    "There were several groups who was for women only, so that they could plan their own actions and have their own discussions.
    They were some of the bravest activists."

    The schools

    "The bell suddenly rang and never stopped, so we went down to the schoolyard to look what was going on. Seconds later the school was leveled by bombs dropped by a plane."

    The massacres

    "We were tortured and imprisoned for a long period of time. The regime took four of us and killed them to scare us other. Then they burned them and left the bodies in the streets."

    The barrel bombs

    "I am scared of all these days I have in front of me. I wish they won’t be filled with more death, because it is too much already."

    The armed resistance

    "We felt that we needed to fight back. This was our chance to change our lives and the next generation’s life. We decided that it was better to lose our bodies than to lose our respect or our humanity."

    A dream without Assad

    "My generation have witnessed the era of Hafez al Assad (The Father of Bashar) for some years, then Bashar al Assad. Fear of the regime is one of the first things parents used to learn their children."