Remember the martyrs

The graveyards in Aleppo has long since been full. Families have been forced to bury their loved ones in public parks.

Medics a main target

Due to the precision bombings of hospitals and ambulances, many with moderate wounds die due to lack of treatment.


Some streets are controlled by snipers day and night. You have to run and be lucky to survive the crossing.

Chemical weapons

UN has found that the Assad regime is responsible for repeated chemical attacks that has killed thousands of lives.

"Double tap"

The regime has a strategy to kill as many as possible. First drop one bomb. After one minute, when people arrive to help the wounded. Drop another bomb.

Murders in the sky

The planes sometimes fly so low that the civilians can see the pilots in their cockpits.

The river of death

Civilians who is arrested by the regime often disappear. Many are later found in the river that floats through the city. Mutilated and killed.

The great mosque of Aleppo

The Umayyad mosque have been standing for over 1300 years. It was outside its gates some of the first demonstrations were held. Now the mosque lies in ruins due to Assad's intense shelling.

Markets, celebrations, protests.

The planes aims to kill civilians. Because of this, markets are repeatedly targeted. So are marriages, funerals and praying places. This was a manifestation for democracy before the bomb fell.

"A normal life in hell"

Trying to live with dignity, people in eastern Aleppo did their best to go to work, have business or small restaurants.

In the shadows

With the help of old buses, the civilians have tried to block the snipers from shooting at people in the streets.

A rain of bombs

After 6 years of bombardment by the Assad regime, many districts are totally destroyed. Thousands have been trapped under rubble when their apartments were bombed at nights.