Assads favourite weapon

In 2014 the UN Security Council issued resolution ”2139”. The resolution called for “an immediate stop of all attacks against civilians” and explicitly expressed “its intent to take further steps in the case of non-compliance with the resolution.” Since then, 19 947 more barrel bombs has been dropped.

The hell from the sky

The barrel bombs are often made of an old barrel or container, filled with explosives and sharp metal fragment to make as big destruction and harm as possible. Barrel bombs have sometimes also been filled with chemical substances. This girl was studying at a school for disabled in eastern Aleppo. When the aircrafts are coming, she can't run. Just pray.

Mosques, at pray time

Everywhere as people gather, the barrel bombs are falling. With no exception. Childrens hospital. Queues to bakeries. Mosques (especially at pray time).

Aiming at "soft targets"

Barrel bombs are regularly dropped by regime helicopters on highly populated areas in the cities to spread fear, death and destruction.

This was a wedding hall

Barrel bombs have killed 8136 civilians including 2274 children and 2036 women according to SNHR documentation team. 99% of the killed by barrel bombs are civilians.

A weapon of mass destruction

The barrel bombs are used by the regime in a widespread and systematic manner because barrel bombs are cheap, causes massive destruction and a great loss of lives.

The abandoned streets

Some streets are so heavily bombed so that people don't even dare to bring back the dead people.

Civil Heroes

The Civil Defence, or the "white helmets", have rescued more than 40 000 civilians from under rubble in Syria.

In a second... can be turned to rubble.

"Assad, or we burn the country!"

This was the words from the regime in 2012. Four buildings wiped out after being targeted by several barrel bombs in east Aleppo.

"But it isn't just buildings"

Inside the apartments, sleeping in their beds or crying in terror in the basements, are civilians. Too many of their houses turns to graves.


What would you do? Keep living. Keep taking care of you children and elderly. And keep hoping that the bombings comes to an end.

They kept falling

This barrel bomb hit an water pipe, causing a flood and contaminating the drinking water.

A last good bye.

His six year old brother and his mother and her unborn child were all killed. The building in the background was his home in Almarjah neighborhood. He came back just to say good bye.