Masked men during early demonstration

The regime tried to secretly film and register the ones who was participating in the demonstrations. So the demonstrators started to cover their faces. And after several brutal massacres, with thousands of dead demonstrators, some activists felt forced to take up arms and protect the gatherings.

Fathers and sons

This mother stands on high ground in east Aleppo to get signal for her phone. Talking to her sons at the front, defending the city in the ranks of FSA, the "Free Syrian Army". FSA consists of armed syrian civilians mixed with defectors from Assads own army.

Defend your home

Sometimes, the regimes soldiers can be as close as the next building block. Due to a high number of defectors from the Assads brutal army, militias from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and the terror group Hezbollah was called in to attack the eastern Aleppo and prop up Assad against his own people.

Eye to eye with terror

Many soldiers from the FSA tells of the soldiers from Afghanistan. They are often very young, and terrified. Because they haven't chose their fight. Iran forces young refugee boys from Afghanistan to go to syria with the promise that their Afghan families will have permanent residency in Iran. The Afghanis are used for the most dangerous activities on the frontlines by Assad.

Fathers protecting their families.

Many of the soldiers in FSA had never held a weapon before the revolution. THey are carpenters, shop owners or taxi drivers. And would have prefered to continue with these jobs. If the regime wouldn't force them to protect their families from the never ending attacks.

The main street in Aleppo

Saif-Al Dawlah street is a more than one kilometer long street in Aleppo. The regime’s snipers are stationed in the high building in the top of this photo, shooting every civilian who cross this street. Too many people have been killed here the last 6 years.

The last resting place

Shot civilians, cars or killed animals lies on the street. It's too dangerous for anyone to bring them back.

Fight against IS/Daesh

IS/Daesh, briefly tried to infiltrate Aleppo in their mission to take over the city and crush the democratic forces. But the resistance forced them to leave the city, and since, IS/Daesh have had no presence in the city of Aleppo.

Friends and family

Many of the armed forces were small groups from the same families, or old friends. Often, the neighbourhoods were defended by the civilians living there.

Tired of fighting

Many times, the rebels tried to build up a civil society instead of armed forces. But the regime, with their never ending attacks, did their best to disrupt any new civil society taking form. They attacked infrastructure as their main target, schools, police, hospitals, markets and apartments.

Heavy weapons

The armed resistance of Aleppo had light weapons compared to the regime. As the regime focused their heaviest and best equipments on Aleppo, IS/Daesh could grow strong in other parts of the country without the risk of being attacked by Assads forces.

A dream full of bullet holes

As time passed, the destruction of eastern Aleppo made the city beyond recognition. "Assad, or we burn the country" as the regime soldiers shouted in the beginning of the revolution, turned out to be true.