Children are the future

Assad have frequently focused the bombardment on schools, family houses and hospitals. In this way, the regime is trying to break the people in their attempts to form a new society without the dictatorship.

But the children will remember

The children who have witnessed so much suffering, will never tolerate living under this regime. The young generation have had the chance to taste democracy and freedom.

Through the Hell.

And with all of their power, the grown ups have tried to make the situation bearable. But, during the intensified attacks the autumn of 2016, the last clown of Aleppo died of an airstrike. He was 24 years old.

Too old for their age

One thing to know for sure, is that all of these children have lost some of their loved ones due to the bombardments.

Playing hide and seek

In spite of the brutal attacks by the regime, children are still children. Here, they play hide and seek in the alleys of old Aleppo.

East Aleppo housed 250 000 people

Attacks on densely populated areas is prohibited by International Law. And it is the favorite method of war crimes that the regime uses.

The road to freedom

When the regime besieged the eastern Aleppo, their main focus was to block medical drugs and food from getting in. And prevent families from getting out.

The waiting

There is one thing worse than fighting. It is to wait. Wait for the help to come. And slowly realise that it won't come before it is too late.

The exodus

We have to understand that it never was any evacuations from eastern Aleppo. It was a violent forced expulsion of civilians from their homes.

The scars of the war

In eastern Aleppo, it was easier to find a unexploded bomb from the regime, than to find food or toys.

Biking in the most dangerous city in the world

Children and families had to live their lives. Even though Assads bombardment made the city to the worlds most dangerous.


The last thing that leaves the human, is hope. The people of Aleppo rose from the ashes every day. They tried to build their dreams and let them grow. Day after day after day. 6 years of dreams that scared the dictator so much that he exterminated his own population and laid one of the oldest cities on earth in ruins. We must never forget or forgive.