Risking their lives for education

UNICEF estimated that 100.000 children lived in eastern Aleppo when the Assad regime laid the siege and intensified the bombing campaign.

A typical target?

Between 2011 and 2014 at least 3878 schools were targeted by the regime.

Starting a new school. The last was bombed.

One quarter of Syrian schools have been damaged, destroyed, or is used as shelters.

A special schools for orphans

This school opened to take care of the growing numbers of young orphans who lost their families. Schools are protected from attacks by the International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. Yet thte regime often focused their attacks on schools.

Paint a brighter future

As the precision bombings of schools continued, more and more schools moved their classrooms and schoolyards underground.

Sidra lost her mom and dad due to Assads shelling

But new shells, aircraft bombings and ground attacks continued to haunt her adn her sister everyday. After som months, Sidra stopped going to school. She said “I hate school”.

The children are the future

Over 20 000 children have been killed by the regime since 2011. That is over 94% percents of all killed children in Syria.

The last paintings

Painting by a child at Ayn Jalout school. The photo was taken shortly after a warplane hit the school and killed 22 children. The children had gathered to have vernissage of their paintings. The child who drew this painting was killed that day.

No safe place to go

A ten year old girl under rubble after her home was hit by a barrel bomb. The civil defense is trying to rescue her, but she died before they could dig her out of the rubble.

A message no teacher should have to write

The names of children killed in the latest massacre. On the right side is a wallpainting with the word "freedom" in several different languages.

Fear the clear blue sky

Children are playing in an underground shelter, it’s to dangerous to be out because of aerial bombing.

Never leave your home

Because of heavy shelling and air strikes targeting students, one school chosed to go to each students home and deliver their certificates at their door at the end of term.